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We are sewers. And quilters. And passionate about all things sewing.
The tagline on our business name is “celebrating the art of sewing”, which means anything to do with thread or glue and a needle, which could be hand or machine!
Our business is family owned, and our customers become more extended family. We have groups, workshops, classes and charity nights which builds our sense of community.

We have a retail location, along with online sales of fabrics and notions, all hand picked by us, (which is hard to do especially if you do not like the colour brown and blue. (I am a pink/orange/purple/yellow girl). And daughter Paige is the teal and pink girl.) When you walk into our store, there will always be something new to look at and you will find hundreds of colourful bolts of fabric.  

Suzie has been teaching sewing/quilting/textile arts for over 30 years, and she still hasn’t lost her excitement every time something works out or gets finished!
She has developed many projects and patterns over the years to teach with and thought what a brilliant idea it would be to share them with the world. 

Harold is our machine Service/Repair Technician with over 30 years experience as well. 
He has been servicing domestic and industrial machines of all brands & models, ranging from factory sized quilting machines all the way down to kid's sewing machines. Harold takes pride in bringing machines back to life and making sure they perform at their best.