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Quilt Prep

How to prepare your quilt before bringing it to us:

  • To make sure your quilt is as great of quality as possible, follow these guidelines:
  • Your top must be clean and pressed making sure all the seams are pressed flat
  • Clip all threads and remove, even from underneath as they may show through after quilting
  • Make sure there are no holes or broken seams. You can hold it up to a light to check
  • Make sure it lays flat after you press. Try loosely rolling it up to keep it wrinkle free or drape on a hanger
  • Square up and trim the quilt top to its final size-measure across the middles first from side to side and top to bottom, then check the outer edges. If you are not sure if it is square, try folding the quilt into quarters and see if the edges all line up.
  • Stay Stitch ⅛” all around the outside edge of your quilt top. This will ensure that all seams at the edge will stay stitched and helps to find any loose threads.
  • Please make sure your backing is pieced together! (not just yardage of fabric)
  • When preparing your backing fabric, first measure the quilt top and then add at least 6 inches extra all around the backing fabric. You need it larger to allow for the machine to stitch to the edge. If piecing the back, please press these seams open to help it to lie flat