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Longarm Quilting Services

Now that you have finished sewing your quilt top, its time to turn it into a quilt! You can drop the quilt off and we will finish your quilt on our Bernina Q24 Long Arm machine! Please take a look at how to prepare your quilt before bringing it to us.

E2E ( Edge to Edge) Service

Price: (multiply length x width of quilt top) x $0.026 sq inch
** If the design chosen is a more complex and intricate design, the cost per sq inch can range from $0.028 - $0.034. 
Currently, we are not offering custom computerized quilting (having a different pattern on the borders than the rest of the quilt).

*NEW* There is a loading fee of $15-$25 depending on the size of the quilt. 

These designs will be quilted E2E, the nestled design will flow across your quilt regardless of borders or blocks. If unforeseen issues arise, we’ll give you a call to discuss before we go ahead. We will also trim your quilt if requested.

Choose Your Quilt Size for an approximate cost (Estimate @ $0.026/ sq. inch)

Quilt Size

Quilt Size (Inches)


Crib 40x60 $62.40 + $15 Loading Fee
Lap 60x72 $112.32 + $25 Loading Fee
Twin 60x90 $140.40 + $25 Loading Fee
Double 78X88 $178.46 + $25 Loading Fee
Queen 90x108 $252.72 + $25 Loading Fee
King 108x108 $303.26 + $25 Loading Fee