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Sewing Machine Repairs & Services

*Currently, our turn-around time is 1-2 weeks!*

As it is difficult to be away from your sewing machine, we do our best to have your machine finished within a week of it being dropped off.
This way you can back to sewing right away!
*Depending on the amount of machines in for service, or if we need to order parts for your machine, it may take longer than 1 week.



Sewing Machine Overhaul (Mechanical) $69.95
Serger Machine Overhaul $89.95
Computerized Sewing Machines & Sergers $65/hour (2-hour minimum) *
Industrial Machine Service (either in-store or at site location) $65/hour (2-hour minimum) {Travel fees may apply}
* Computerized machines usually take 2-4 hours for an overhaul, depending on the condition/age of the machine.
Note: A full overhaul consists of; Removing all covers & opening up the machine to do a full cleaning inside and outside, oil and lubricate all moving parts inside, as well as resetting the timing to ensure a great stitch. 
This usually takes care of most problems, however if your machine does require further work such as replacing a part or repairing something, you will be contacted with an estimate before any work is done.

The inside of a mechanical sewing machine

The inside of a serger/overlocker

We service all ages & models of sewing machines! 


  • Check to make sure your needle is in correctly (Yes it happens!)
  • Unthread your machine and re-thread
  • Check around the bobbin area and between the tension plates to see if a piece of thread or lint is caught
  • If it still doesn't work - CALL! 519-624-8878 or send an email to

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